Green. Digital. Smart.

We launch companies, small and big, into the green and digital era.

Our focus

Exponential growth

An exponential growth of our turnover and EBITDA within the BREEX Group.


Explore new European markets to offer our products and services.

Expanding the value proposition

Launch products and services that strengthen our value proposition with customers.
Turnover in 2021

Making companies more efficient as a mission

BREEX helps large and small enterprises to enter the digital and green age. BREEX injects efficiency and support where needed through simple and affordable digital solutions. BREEX is your partner if you want to boost your sales, simplify your administration, better manage your growing staff, greener fleet and much more.
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Strong growth in sales

At BREEX, we have had strong growth figures in recent years. Read more about it below.

Turnover of €19 million

In 2021, our turnover rose to an unprecedented high of €19 million.

Growing by 124 %

In one year, we have reached a growth rate of 124%.

4th place in Trends Gazellen

4th fastest growing company in East Flanders for the year 2022.

120+ employees

Breex Group has 120+ employees in various branches.

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Our companies


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